Residential Case Study 1

A homeowner requested help to determine if it made sense to add solar panels to their home as well as add battery storage for loss of municipal power.


With the homeowners’ help, Venvidici Ltd. collected two years’ worth of the client’s power bills to determine the average amount of power the home used. We also looked at their existing roof’s age and current wiring and panel setup.

Subcontractor Proposals

Once the data had been collected, we contacted two solar panel installers and received proposals that ranged from $35k to $42k.

The subcontractors also included the associated financial model for home energy use savings for the return on investment.

Home Owner Evaluation

The existing roof plan only allowed for a limited number of solar panels, which would only provide a bit more than half of the yearly power usage of the home. Also, due to the age of the roof, a new one would need to be installed prior to the installation of the solar panels, as the current roof would not last the 20+ year lifespan of the panels.

These additional considerations would have added approximately $12k to the construction process. With all of the information and subcontractor pricing available for review, the homeowner determined not to move forward with the solar panels.

Final Decision

Ultimately, the homeowner chose not to add solar panels to their home. Instead, they opted to install a generator to be prepared for unexpected power outages.

Venvidici Ltd. received proposals from electricians and plumbers to cover the installation of the generator and the running of a new gas line to the generator location. We also coordinated with the gas company to confirm the incoming gas line was sized correctly for the added generator load as well as coordinated a new gas meter installation.

In addition to the new generator, the homeowner decided to transform the room with the main panel and the generator panel into a home gym.

Venvidici Ltd. managed the replacement of all ceiling tiles, new LED light fixtures, new flooring, wood base, and paint.

With Venvidici’s help, the homeowner proactively understood unexpected but essential additions to their original plan, along with the associated additional costs, and had a guide when considering and implementing Plan B, much to their ultimate satisfaction.

Residential Case Study 2

For years, a homeowner was unsure whether or not they wanted to remodel the first floor of their home or sell the property. They contacted Venvidici Ltd. for help in evaluating the project and recommending a solution.


We scheduled a walk-through of the home with the client. From there, we were able to create sketches of the existing conditions as well as the client’s desired results. Using this information, Venvidici Ltd. reached out to some trusted subcontractors to get an evaluation of what the cost of the work was going to be.

A preliminary budget was created based on the client’s scope of work. This estimate served as a foundation for the client to understand what the cost could be, but the goal would have been to complete the project under budget.

Final Decision

Ultimately, the client decided that they did not want to invest in renovations and chose to sell their home.

Venvidici Ltd.’s goal was accomplished by giving the homeowner the satisfaction that they were making the right decision on how to proceed with their home after years of indecision.

Commercial Case Study 1

A developer requested assistance from Venvidici to assess the potential investment in a 2-story, 12,000 sq. ft commercial building.


We sourced various contractors, such as roofers, masons, storm/sanitary camering, electricians and plumbers, to help determine the current conditions of the building. Additionally, to help the potential owner understand the financial impact of various construction models in comparison to potential rent, we did several rounds of cost estimation.

This process included keeping certain existing conditions but replacing mechanical and roofing, and reviewing potential lease agreements. We helped value landlord’s vs. tenant build out costs to allow owners to assess the correct rent valuation.

At this time, we are still working with the client to determine a final outcome.


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