Case Study

Restoring Shaker Square’s Historic Charm

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Restoring Shaker Square's Historic Charm

Venvidici is more than a contractor; we are a trusted extension of your team, serving as your eyes and ears throughout the entire construction process. Our recent collaboration with Shaker Square in Cleveland, OH, embodies our commitment to overseeing high-quality work accomplished at an affordable cost. 

Venvidici partnered with Shaker Square to complete a robust scope of work requiring the skills of many specialized subcontractors. We functioned as Shaker Square’s dedicated construction department, sharing all subcontractor estimates and ensuring the seamless and cost-effective completion of the project. A key part of Venvidici's expertise involves working alongside owners to evaluate the pros and cons of any budget-relevant decision-making processes.

For the Shaker Square initiative, we had only the owner's list of desired upgrades with no specific design criteria and a budget that would not stretch to cover the full scope of work. We worked with the owner to prioritize their need list, then created a step-by-step plan to maximize the desired outcome. The Shaker Square initiative concluded with an appealing finished product achieved at a reasonable price.


Embracing Heritage, Crafting Excellence

Shaker Square stands as Ohio’s oldest planned shopping center, boasting a rich narrative dating back to 1927. The current owner of Shaker Square entrusted Venvidici with overseeing extensive deferred maintenance work left behind by the previous owner. 

Venvidici’s oversight encompassed a range of specialized tasks, including masonry repair, LED lighting upgrades, storefront replacement to match the original historic design, slate roof and integral gutter repair, HVAC unit replacements, and mill & pave parking lots.

The scope of work also included restoring century-old, weather-beaten electric lanterns that held historical significance for the area.

  • Flat Roof Replacement

  • Awning Replacement

  • Layout for Sewer/Storm

  • Water Lines

  • Electrical Services

  • Storefront Paint

  • Historic Lantern Restoration

Our Approach

As part of the historic storefront project, we began assessing the condition of the century-old lanterns that brightened the Square. We carefully disassembled the lanterns with the goal of determining whether to replace or repair the fixtures. Acknowledging the historical significance and each lantern's condition, we determined that they were able to be refurbished rather than replaced, highlighting their authenticity.

After fully assessing the condition of the lanterns and discussing the potential options with the owner, Venvidici began the process of choosing and overseeing artisans whose craftsmanship aligned with the owner’s vision. The full restoration process required that each lamp endure sandblasting, metal refurbishing, powdercoating, glass replacement, rewiring/relamping, and then reinstallation. Venvidici managed the project through each step of the process, personally transporting each fixture from one craftsman to the next.

  • Sandblasting

  • Metal Works

  • Powdercoating

  • Custom Glass

  • Electrical Work

  • Fixture Installation

Embarking on the Restoration Path

We began by engaging a local sandblasting company, Halo Metal Prep, to uncover the lanterns' true metal condition. The next step was to collaborate with a local metalsmith, Rose Iron Works, for intricate repairs and restoration, replacing only the original parts that were beyond repair.

Next, Venvidici arranged for Mesta Imperial Metals to powdercoat each fixture, restoring the original shine and color. From there, a local lighting expert, Holos Lighting, re-lamped the lanterns.

Next, collaborating with a local stained-glass company, Whitney Stained Glass, the original glass’ shape and clarity was replicated and then each new panel was installed into the lanterns.

Each step honored the essence of the original craftsmanship.

A Glowing Finale

The refurbished lanterns are visually identical to the originals. They were reinstalled in their original locations in Shaker Square just in time for the community’s annual Christmas tree lighting event in November of 2023.

The lanterns will stand resilient for another century, ensuring the legacy of the Square.


Partnering in Purpose

The reconditioning of the Shaker Square historic lanterns was only one component of the overall partnership between Shaker Square and Venvidici to modernize and revitalize the Square. Throughout the project, Venvidici's role encompassed guidance, support, and insight for the owner that went above and beyond a normal construction manager's role. We were partners in helping the owner fulfill their vision of restoring and brightening this charming and well-known destination. We worked with the owner at every step in the process to ensure the job would be completed to the owner’s specifications, within budget, and without compromising the original design’s historic value.

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