Commercial Construction Management

When you work with Venvidici Ltd., you’ve partnered with experienced construction professionals who will guide your company throughout your entire planning and construction process. Hire Venvidici as your Construction Manager as Advisor, using our cutting-edge CMA delivery model, or as Construction Manager at-Risk.

Your Choice:

Owner/developers are well-acquainted with the CMR model. In the CMA delivery method, your company gains the benefits of a construction manager while not accruing the associated costs that come with construction management at-risk.

Construction Manager At-Risk

Venvidici Ltd. is an experienced CMR. We are an independent professional team working for your company to assure that work quality is optimal and costs are reasonable. We become your eyes and ears during the design and implementation of your project. Our goal is to help you plan well up front and keep close tabs on the project as it progresses to head off cost-increasing construction surprises before they happen.

We provide estimating at each drawing phase to ensure that the design and budget are in alignment. At bid time, we write very specific scopes of work so that all aspects of the project are bid correctly. We bid to numerous qualified subcontractors so we have apples-to-apples comparisons during the bid review process.

Transparency is key to our operations: every document, design, and estimate we create and receive is open for review by the client.

Construction Manager As Advisor

If you are an owner or developer running multiple projects each year, you know that hiring an independent construction manager to run your projects is expensive. On the other hand, you may not yet have sufficient work to bring a construction manager onto your payroll to lower construction costs by managing the work in-house.

Hire Venvidici as your Construction Manager as Advisor. We become your bridge to help you lower construction costs now without carrying the ongoing overhead costs of your own construction management staff.

The Venvidici Method

Venvidici Ltd. has created a unique delivery method based on the AIA C132 document that may save clients up to 12% on their construction projects. The Venvidici method keeps the owner in the driver’s seat by owner retention of trade contracts, giving you control of all aspects of project finances.

The CMA method means the normal CMR markup on project costs, like those for an owner’s representative, contractor contingency, subcontractor default insurance, payment and performance bonds, etc., are no longer needed, thereby giving the client immediate financial savings.

Hiring Venvidici as CMA, however, does not mean that we are hands-off on the project. If anything, Venvidici is more invested in a positive project outcome. We provide established procedures and paperwork to make sure that all risk that can be controlled is controlled.

Venvidici integrates our practices and processes into the client’s established operations. We are there to facilitate every step of the process and have the same deliverables as a Construction Manager at-Risk.

An Extension of Your Team

Venvidici manages the entire project as if we were employees of the client. We provide an experienced staff of project managers and site superintendents to oversee all aspects of the project, from estimating, bidding, work oversite, to move in.

As part of our deliverables, Venvidici provides our lawyer-created subcontracts, bidding documents, AIA billing procedures and paperwork, change order tracking, schedule review and maintenance, and anything else that is necessary to run the construction project.

We are with you from beginning to end.

Comparative Pricing Structure

Owner's Rep 1%–3% N/A
Subcontractor Default Insurance 1.15%–1.5% N/A
Payment and Performance Bond 2%–3% N/A
Taxes and Insurance 1.1%–1.5% N/A
Construction Contingency 2%–3% N/A
Fee 2%–3.5%
Staff Cost 4%–6%
Total Markup 13.25%–21.5% 6%–9.5%

Owner Risk & Cost Parameters

Model 1 - Risk/Cost
Risk Cost

Construction Labor on Payroll; materials purchased directly; no 3rd parties involved.

Model 2 - Risk/Cost
Risk Cost

Owner manages project; purchases all materials; subcontracts out labor.

Model 3 - CMA Risk/Cost
Risk Cost

Owner manages project with advisor support; contracts out labor and most material purchases.

Model 4 - CMR Risk/Cost
Risk Cost

Owner fully contracts out project management; subcontractor manages all labor and materials.


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