Residential Construction Management

When you work with Venvidici Ltd., you will have a professional, experienced guide advising you throughout your entire planning and building process.

The Venvidici process:

We are an independent professional working for you, the homeowner.

Our transparent process and expertise allows you to see and understand all the specific costs of the job, making contracting with Venvidici a smart homeowner decision.

We act as your eyes and ears during the design and implementation of your project to assure you get the most value for your money.

Venvidici Process
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    Initial Discussion of Scope and Goals

    To begin our collaboration, we hold a meet-and-greet session to discuss the scope of the project, the client’s needs, the financial parameters, and the desired results.

    A key outcome of this initial meeting is for the client to determine if our partnership feels like a good fit that will add value and accountability to the project.

    Proposal of Services

    Once all aspects from the initial discussion have been considered, compiled, and approved, the client signs a Proposal of Services, contracting with Venvidici Ltd. as the project manager. The Proposal of Services includes costs for initial budgeting and estimating, management of design development, and bidding the project prior to the start of construction.

    A $1,000 retainer is paid at this time. The retainer cost is included in the final project accounting if the client proceeds with the project.

    Establishing the Initial Project Budget

    During the next step, we carefully develop a project budget. Through close collaboration and an initial detailed run-through of project expectations, we help the client develop a ballpark idea of whether the project is likely to fit their financial expectations and constraints. The resulting budget is not the final cost for the project–something that cannot be determined until contractor bids have been received and reviewed–but is a carefully-considered document based on our experience of what the costs of the proposed work might be.

    The budget serves as an anchor and guide for the client and designers as final estimates are being discussed and determined.

    Design Phase and Estimating

    In this phase, Venvidici Ltd. offers the client several third-party options for design, architectural, and/or engineering professionals who we believe are best suited to complete the project to the client’s satisfaction. We do not receive payment from any vendor we recommend to you, but are using our expertise on your behalf to help you select the professionals who will be right for your project. If you have already selected a design team, we work with that team to create a realistic preliminary estimate, with your budget closely in mind.

    We regularly confirm that design details align with the established budget and goals. Our vigilance allows the client to make proactive design adjustments based on any new parameters that emerge. To ensure that the client receives a valid estimate, Venvidici Ltd. reaches out to trusted independent subcontractors and vendors to confirm that the proposed cost of the project is reasonable and realistic.

    As a final step in this cost estimating phase, Venvidici Ltd. creates a timeline for the projected scope of work for both design and construction phases.

    Permitting, Bidding, and Construction Contracting

    With the design complete, we submit project drawings to the required municipal planning review boards. Depending on the scope of work, possible permits needed may include construction, electrical, mechanical, and/or HVAC.

    The drawings are used as the basis for Venvidici to prepare detailed scopes of work for each subcontracting trade to bid on. This process ensures that each subcontractor bids the same scope of work and minimizes the possibility of surprise change orders later on. We submit the relevant scopes of work to multiple subcontractors to compare and contrast the quality and cost of work in the estimates they submit. Then, Venvidici reviews all bids and proposals with the client and provides guidance in selecting subcontractors who offer the most value for the scope of work.

    Once subcontractors have been selected, a line-item cost of work (including the scope of work, general conditions, permit costs, and cost for Venvidici ‘s services), the construction documents, and the schedule are submitted to the client as the final Venvidici contract for review and signature.

    The Construction Process

    Once the construction contract has been signed, the real fun begins!

    Our clients can rest easy knowing that Venvidici Ltd. will order all materials, set up and communicate with subcontractors about timelines and deliverables, and prepare to start construction. Clients will track the progress of the project through weekly in-person or video meetings to ensure that everything is being done to their satisfaction. All inspections will occur as required and will be scheduled and facilitated by Venvidici. Videos and/or pictures will record the process to preserve those memories for years to come.

    While we work hard to solidify project concepts into specific details during the contract phase, changes or alterations are often necessary as a project progresses. Such changes may be due to client reconsideration of specific project details or to previously unknown conditions that affect the scope of work. If alterations in the plan are needed, a change order is presented for client review. The change order is a signed document amending the base contract that details specific changes to be made and associated added costs. As with the base contract, transparency of the process is key. The change order includes both the charges for subcontractors’ additional work and Venvidici services for overseeing those changes.

    Final Walkthrough, Punchlist, and Warranty

    By this point, Venvidici Ltd. and the subcontractors will have walked the project dozens of times during the construction phase to confirm completion of the various scopes of work. The client, supported by Venvidici, performs a final walkthrough of the finished product and provides any last minute clarifications.

    At the walkthrough, the client receives a letter of Substantial Completion confirming that the project is substantially complete and ready for occupancy. At that time, if there are any unfinished details, a “punchlist” of those items will be created. Once the punchlist work is completed, the construction project is done. The client receives a one year warranty, during which time they should contact Venvidici Ltd. if there are any unresolved issues with the space.


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